Scottish Colourist Influences

Throughout my development as a painter I have been inspired by many different artists from Soutine to Eardley.

I was very fortunate that my dad was a professional and dedicated painter resulting in me being introduced to many different genres of painting from a young age through the many books he had on the subject.

Among these were the paintings by Peploe, Hunter and Ferguson. Perhaps because they painted land and seascape , subjects that inspired me and that I was familiar with being brought up in the Highlands near the sea and among stunning landscape.

Along with Cadell they were of course later to become known collectively as “The Scottish Colourists”, a title that was perhaps somewhat loosely made in connection to my work by a critic and has somehow stuck ever since.

I would certainly say that my dad was one of the biggest influences in my life as a painter. How could he not be when, as a child on so many occasions I accompanied him on his painting trips to capture the sea or the beautiful glens and rivers of the highlands and later on painted with him side by side as I made my journey to become a professional artist.

It is difficult to categorise your own work when you know that there are many influences on what you paint and how you paint.

As I have become older I am now more in love with the sea and the landscape, in particular the light that you find in Scotland, it is different to anywhere else.

I very much enjoy painting abroad, the sun provides a different atmosphere on land or sea, more constant and therefore perhaps easier to capture. Scotland on the other hand is forever changing, there is the challenge, and to do it justice.

I have always described Scotland as my canvas and if anything this bond has become deeper and more profound for me. The beauty can be overwhelming, as you try to capture what you as an individual are feeling at that particular moment in time. It is all about a sense of connection and real emotion which I can only translate onto to my canvases by actually being there on site (as much as I can), igniting all the senses, hoping that the viewer will in turn connect with my paintings and feel the true emotion that evolves in the completed work.


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