About Cara McKinnon Crawford

The old masters style of traditional training was Cara’s introduction to the world of professional painting at Glasgow’s School of Art, preceded by a childhood immersed within an artistic upbringing in the Highlands of Scotland.

Her passion , consummate handling of oil paint, interpretation of colour and light and a natural gift for structure is demonstrated admirably by her extensive subject matter, composition and mercurial body of work.

Cara’s passion for her art epitomises her heritage of the Scottish Colourists, yet she paints with sensitivity and honesty ,this is not painting to a formula . It is painting from the heart – painting with passion.

To invest in the work of Cara Mckinnon Crawford is a journey of possession;

To intuitive spontaneity and an honest interpretation of light and colour.

This, spawning from no more than a small selection of primary pigments, subtlety and sensitively seen, then built and applied slowly, finishing to a depth of oil paint and textured colour, measured in years.


To enquire further about Cara’s paintings please email info@caramckinnoncrawford.com or fill out the online Enquiry Form.