21st Century Clyde

21st Century Clyde is a unique collection of images of the river Clyde from source to sea.

Starting at its source in the South of Lead hills Cara intends to produce around 200 paintings capturing the many different aspects of the Clyde; rural, industrial and urban through a particularly important phase; the regeneration and revitalisation of the Clyde.

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21st Century Clyde

Rostov-on-Don: A City of Light

A chance conversation about my project, painting the mighty river Clyde form source to sea resulted in an invitation from members of the Russian delegation from Rostov - on - Don at a civic reception in Glasgow's City Chambers to come and paint their river, The Don.

Glasgow and Rostov - on - Don are twin cities and are the most successful twinning of any city in Britain. Their relationship has spanned over 25 years. Glasgow City has embraced this twinning with wonderful opportunities being given to citizens from both places.

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